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Ella Nawrot and Julie McMachon took a trip across to us in Kealy's to introduce us to the Connacht Whiskey Company and their range of brands.

The Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. is the result of a dream shared by four men, three Americans and one Irishman, to bring single malt pot still Irish whiskey back to the West of Ireland after an absence of over 100 years.  These men share bonds of family and friendship.  They also share a respect of heritage and a commitment to Connacht, one of the most natural and unspoiled regions of Ireland.

Stawboys Poitín

The Straw Boys Poitín is a Connacht Whiskey nod to the illicit distilling that took place in the Irish countryside. Bottled at 45% alcohol the Poitín is malt based and has an earthy fruity nose and the unmistakable taste of old fashioned poitín. Increasingly poitín seems to be proving popular with mixologists as it ads an extra dimension to classic cocktails.

Stawboys Vodka

A grain based vodka It is batch distilled in our copper pots stills and hand bottled at the distillery at 80 proof (40% ABV). The vodka has a rich mouth feel that is luscious, silky, and semi-sweet. Straw Boys Irish Vodka was also awarded 94 points and a Gold Medal from the Tastings International Review of Spirits making it one of the highest rated vodkas in the world! It was given a gold medal and named best Irish vodka at the 2016 Irish Whiskey Awards and repeated with another gold medal at the 2017 awards.

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey

Ballyhoo is a sourced whiskey that has a mash bill of 93% corn and 7% malted barley but is re-barrelled in once used port barrels for six months. The fresh grain whiskey slowly picks up the color and sweetness of the port, giving it a gentle but sweet nose with some appealing vanilla notes and floral bouquet. This easy-drinking whiskey has astraw hue, mild vanilla aroma and feather-light feel on the palate. Smooth layers of vanilla and lemon cream are braced by subtle black pepper.

Spade & Bushel Cask Strength 10 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Spade & Bushel 10 Year Old Cask Strength Irish Whiskey is a single malt Irish whiskey that has aged for at least 10 years in used oak barrels. Presented at full cask strength of 115 proof (57.5% ABV), because the master distiller concluded that the full depth of flavour would be lost if the whiskey was diluted to a lower proof. Spade & Bushel was awarded a Gold Medal for cask strength Irish Whiskey at the 2016 Irish Whiskey Awards.

Spade & Bushel 12 Year Old Double Barrel

Spade & Bushel 12 year old double barrel single malt Irish Whiskey has been resting for many years onsite in the maturation warehouse in beautiful Co. Mayo. In 2016, a limited number of barrels of this outstanding Single Malt Irish whiskey was transfered to premium select once-used bourbon casks, further enhancing the wonderful characteristics of the whiskey. This coupled with the maritime climate, and the remarkable location of the only whiskey maturation warehouse on the west coast of Ireland has created a unique whiskey. The second barreling imparts prominent flavours of honey and vanilla with a roasted almond finish. It has been bottled at 42.3% ABV.

Brothership Irish American Whiskey

To celebrate the Irish and American sides of the company's founders Master distiller, Robert Cassell, re-imagined a whiskey that creates something new and different. Irish malt whiskey that has aged 10 years as well as American whiskey that has also aged 10 years was skillfully blended and bottled at Connacht’s partner distillery New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Brothership Blended Whiskey is available in both the US and Ireland and was recently awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points (Excellent, Highly Recommended) at the 2017 Ultimate Spirit Challenge.

Conncullin Irish Gin

A signature blend of juniper supported by hawthorn berry, elderberry and other botanicals marry to form a complex flavour profile. Conncullin has a beautiful berry nose but finishes big and bold with nice juniper notes and hints of citrus. It is pot distilled and hand bottled at full 94 proof (47% ABV) at the our distillery in County Mayo. Conncullin Irish Gin has already been awarded a Gold Medal and 92 points by the International Review of Spirits.

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